West Lombok

West Lombok is one of the regencies on Lombok Island. It is the principal area of tourist activity and endeavour in Lombok. It has the most facilities including hotels, restaurants, tour companies, car and motorbike rental operators, western and locally oriented bars, clubs and restaurants.

The center for tourism is Senggigiwith the lineal satellites along the coast north to the quieter and pretty Mangsit beach and Klui beach, and south to BatuBolong, BatuLayar and Montong.Senggigi in particular serves as the principal gateway to the other attractions of Lombok northward ups the west coast including the tree gili islands.


West Lombok Regency consists of important cities, such as below:

  • Mataram is the largest city in Lombok and the provincial capital of West Nusa Tenggara
  • Ampenan is a historic port city and site of the previous international airport serving Lombok. However those airport facilities have now been moved and the airport has been closed to airline operations.
  • Cakranegara is the main commercial area on the eastern flank of Mataram
  • Senggigi is the main tourist strip, including the neighboring beaches of Mangsit, Klui and BatuBolong
  • Gerung is an administrative capital of the West Lombok Regency. It is in the south of the provincial capital of Mataram
  • Lembar is a non-descript harbour town for the larger vehicular and passenger carrying ferries to and from Bali.


  • BaunPusukisa bank hill which borders west Lombok and north Lombok. On this hill are monkeys sitting around and waiting for food from passengers crossing road.
  • Old town and port of Ampenan, the inlet is a place for fishing boats and Lombok’s maritime oil and fuel terminal and storage tanks are sited on the foreshore. It has has a forlorn but interesting seaside esplanade.
  • Gunung Sariis the mountain overlooks the northern flanks of the city. It has a traditional market and is the gateway to Pusuk
  • BatuBolong — means ‘rock with a hole in it’. It is one of many wave eroded rocks with holes along the west coast. It is an important Hindu site.
  • Kerandangan beach is a popular spot for satays and beach activities on Sundays. It has has a string of traditional warungs along the beach. Far back in the long valley behind the beach there are a few rental villas and as a gateway to the forest there is a lineal conservation park.
  • Mangsit beach is a quieter and more civilized end of Senggigi. It is a lovely beach and good range of hotels from budget to boutique resort and has the full scale 4 star Lombok Holiday resort right on the beach.
  • Klui beach is even quieter again and site to a new small boutique resort hotel. It has a lovely beach popular on Sundays with local people eating satay and playing on the beach.
  • Malimbu beach has spectacular views from the headlands at either end, popular with sunset photographers.
  • Nipah beach is a lovely clean bay with traditional fishing activities and a stunning mountain backdrop.
  • The scenic west coast highway have beautiful bays, headlands and mountain framed rice fields to the north, a must for a motorbike enthusiast.
  • Narmada water park (Taman Narmada)is located 10 km east of Mataram. This park was the relaxation place for the king during the time of feudalism. It has a Hindu temple and swimming pool. It also has a fountain which is called “Youth Fountain” and believed to give long life to a person that drinks water.

Despite the venue being a little run-down it has a feel of celebration about it especially on Sundays and is very popular with the people of Lombok who flock there to picnic and swim in a large swimming pool fed by fresh water forest springs. It is a great place to see Lombok people at play.


  • JalanUdayana, a night time strip of warungs and small food stalls.
  • Go snorkeling
  • Go bike riding on the scenic west coast highway between Mangsit beach and Malimbu
  • Take a guided walk in the forest
  • Hire an outrigger boat and take a trip to the Gili Islands


To get in west Lombok regency can be done by several ways as follows:

  • Airport pick-up. Lombok ArfaTour offers pick up’s and transfers to and from the airport or other locations in Lombok. You will need to enquire at the tour operator for this service and ensure you book ahead via the e-mails:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.
  • Public buses and bemo run to and from the west coast and the city of Mataram.
    The northern areas feed in through Tanjung with limited services further north from Bayan connecting down the west coast.
  • Other northern services connect through Tanjung, then onward via Pemenang, through Pusuk pass and onward via Gunung Sari to Mataram, Sweta and to the Central region and on to the south and the east of the island.
  • System can be a little complex and bewildering from the central areas towardsPraya, the eastern coast and the southern beaches.
  • A bus terminal in the theSweta district just east of the main city of Mataram and Cakranegara serves West Lombok. It has also many smaller regional bemo hubs such as PasarAmpenan and other regional markets.
  • The system feeding into and traversing the West Lombok region is somewhat confusing. Thus most visitors choose private car, minibus operators, boat services or Lombok’s quite reliable radio dispatched taxi service to get from point to point on the island.
  • Fast ferry services are increasing in number with several operators providing a crossing from Pandangbai in Bali to GiliTrangawan. Many Lombok visitors are now using this alternative to the larger and slower vehicular ferries and the aircraft services arriving at Lombok’s airport in Ampenan.
  • Many are new start ups and there have recently been some operational safety issues with some of the entrants to this Lombok Strait sea route. Potential users of these services should research their options well.
  • Speedboats to TelukNare and Senggigi provide quick and expedient onward services from the Gili islands to the Lombok mainland.
  • Traditional outrigger boat charters also provide connections through to Bangsal, Mangsit beach and Senggigi beach from the three Gili Islands.
  • Lombok straitbridging Bali and Lombok provides ferries crossings once every hour.
  • Alas Straitbridging Lombok and Sumbawa provides 18 ferries er day.
  • Lembar arrivals by ferry from Bali may find that only limited services are available to connect Praya in Central Lombok, southeast toward Kuta or north toward the city of Mataram and the West Lombok tourism precincts of Senggigi, Gili IslandsTanjung and on to North Lombok.LombokArfa Tour in the port area serves transports during the day. The visitors should book prior their arrival via arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com Be advised to visit lombokarfatour.com
  • Airport taxis travel into West Lombok and are available to arriving passengers at Lombok International Airport [LIA] in TanakAwu, Praya central Lombok. Taxi with fixed price could be booked via bluetaxi@gmail.com


Below are some hotels to stay during your holiday. Lombok Arfa Tour lists them according to the area in west Lombok.


Senggigi Area

Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort

It is an idyllic tropical retreat in Lombok. You will enjoy a comfortable getaway amidst plentiful sun, sand, and surf. It is ideally located on Senggigi Beach, the lush western coast of Lombok, Sheraton hotel Senggigi within walking distance of the town’s shops, restaurants, and bars. Lombok International Airport is a one hour drive.Transfer from and to Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort or the airport could be reserved via e-mail:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.

The Santosa Villas and Resort

It is located in the heart of Senggigi Beach with all the feeling of beach resort relaxation and tranquility, The Hotel offersthe free-shaped-lagoon sized pool On the beach is the focal point of the resort to relax and let go, while enjoying your favorite zip at the sunken bar or the sunset bar. The Seaside Terrace and Nusantara Restaurant offers a continental food and Indonesian specialties.Transfer from and to this villas and resort or the airport could be reserved via e-mail:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.

Sengiggi Beach Hotel and Resort

It is situated just on the right of famous white sandy Sengigi beach. Senggigi Beach Hotel just one hour drive from Lombok International airport. Nearby the hotel are tourism facilities such bar, cafe, restaurants, atm, mini market and etc. The hotel has 104 garden rooms, 44 beach bungalows, and 2 deluxe bungalows.Transfer from and to this villas and resort or the airport could be reserved via e-mail:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.

GrahaSenggigi Beach Hotel

Graha Beach Hotel Senggigi is set on the safe white sands of Senggigi beach close to nearby restaurants, dive shops and souvenir stalls. It is located on the tranquil beach of Senggigi Beach Lombok. It is one hour drive from Lombok International Airport or from Lembar Ferry Harbor. The hotel consists of Standard, Superior and Deluxe Rooms, equipped with private mini garden and balcony, AC, satellite TV, IDD, music, hot and cold running water, mini bar and a private terrace.Transfer from and to this villas and resort or the airport could be reserved via e-mail:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.

Bukit Senggigi Hotel,

It is situated on the side of hill in the center of Senggigi.the Bukit Senggigi offers simple and clean cottage style accommodation and friendly service in a relaxed setting. The rooms at the top provides beautiful views of Senggigi Beach and Lombok Strait.Transfer from and to this hotel or the airport could be reserved via e-mail:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.

Maskot Beach Cottages

It is located directly on the beach in the central area of Senggigi,  just 1 hour from Lombok’s International Airport and 35 minutes from TelukNare Harbor where the fast boat and other express boat from Bali arrive. Maskot Beach Cottages are scattered around a large open garden that provides privacy in a nice quiet setting. Maskot Beach Resort is formerly Senggigi Reef Resort, the beach is good for swimming and surfing.Transfer from and to this cottage the airport could be reserved via e-mail:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.

Mangsit and Kerandangan Area

Holiday Resort Lombok

The Holiday Resort Lombok is a tranquil resort nestled between lush tropical mountains and pristine beaches. Holiday Resort Lombok hugs the shoreline of Mangsit village just north of Senggigi beach. The hotel is a tranquil resort nestled between lush Tropical Mountain and pristine beaches where the best golden sunset you ever meet will fascinate you.Mangsit bay offering view of Mt. Agung – Bali in the west is not to be missed in the clear fresh day. Transfer from and to this resort or the airport could be reserved via e-mail:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.

Qunci Villas

It has 20 Ocean View rooms with 55sq meters of living space a spacious & private balcony with private garden bathroom, 19 partial ocean view rooms with 55sq meters of living space, spacious &private balcony 22 garden view rooms with 55sq meters of living spacea spacious & private balcony,private garden bathroom. This villa is equipped with 10 of 1-Bedroom units with 115sq meters of living space and 8 x 3m private swimming poolwith a spacious & private balcony and private garden bathroom. 2 of 2-Bedrooms units with 115sq meters of living space 8 x 3m and private swimming pool and a spacious & private balcony
Private garden bathroom.Transfer from and to this villas or the airport could be reserved via e-mail:arfatourindo@gmail.com or lomboktour2@gmail.com or WA +6281904056966.

Puri Mas Beach Resort

is the original Puri Mas. It was established 25 years ago in 1987 by the private Dutch owner Marcel De Rijk. Originally built as a home in tribute to his Grandfather and Mother who were descendents of the Keraton or Palace in Solo Indonesia. This area of the resort was designed to represent a typical Indonesian village with a strong Balinese influences, flavours of Lombok and other islands.

Batulayar Area

The Jayakarta Lombok, Hotel & Spa

Arouse your senses and experience the unspoiled, untouched natural beauty of Lombok Island from a front row seat at The Jayakarta Lombok Hotel & Spa. The warmth of the sun in the clear blue sky, the bliss of sand running through your toes on pristine beaches, the hypnotizing rustle of palm trees swaying in the breeze, the rhythmic sound of waves rushing to shore, the sparkle of the sea as traditional fishing boats sail lazily into the distance.

Imaj Private Villas

Only 15 minutes from Mataram and 10 minutes from the Senggigi nightlife you will feel as if you are a world away in this spectacular hill-top resort, consisting of 4 enormous private villas; 2×3 bedroom, 1×2 bedroom and 1 honeymoon, each complete with private courtyard and pool. Also on offer are 3×1 bedroom suites which have a shared lagoon pool and beautiful gardens.AtImaj Private Villas, our vision is to create a feeling of happiness, relaxation and privacy for people from all walks of life. We constantly strive to improve, change and evolve to create our dream and yours.

Hotel BintangSenggigi,

is a unique property established in a beautiful and natural landscape with a luxurious view of beach, sunset and sunrise.It is located on a tropical paradise Lombok island. With magnificent stretches of nature beach, exellent diving and snorkeling of the three coral ringed Gili islands and traditional natives villages, ancient temple and palaces.Filled with magnificent rooms and facilities of 24 rooms of superior, 8 rooms of cabanas, 3 rooms of cabanas deluxe and 1 suite room, 2 meeting rooms, 1 lounge, 1 restaurant, 1 bar, swimming pool, beach, 2 hours security and room services.

Mataram Area

Lombok Raya Hotel

Located in the central of Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province, Lombok Raya Hotel is less than 45 minutes away from the Lombok International Airport and less than 25 minutes away from the renowned SenggigiBeach.It is convenient for shopping and close to interesting cultural destinations such as weaving workshops and Balinese temples. The hotel has a built-in elegance, and various rooms to suit every visitor’s needs. Our 135 rooms are fully air-conditioned and come with en suite bathrooms, telephones, and private balconies.

Lombok Garden Hotel

Commenced operations in 1983. It has become a popular choice for travelers ever since. To this day, Lombok Garden continues to have one of the highest occupancy rates in the city.In 2006, the hotel emerged with a new concept, one that marries enchanting nature with cutting-edge sophistication. Lombok Garden Hotel offers 227 rooms and bungalows, 4 meeting halls in various sizes, 2 swimming pools, 4 restaurants dancafès, as well as a vast tropical garden. Not to mention other facilities that will pamper you.

Hotel Santika Lombok

The three-star Hotel Santika Lombok is the perfect choice for a weekend break with the family or when travelling to Lombok on business. Ideally situated in the heart of Lombok’s thriving capital, Mataram, within easy walking distance of the mayor’s office, governor’s office and other key governmental departments, as well as Mataram Mall, Lombok’s primary shopping complex. The beautiful Sengigi Beach is just 15 minutes’ drive away.AtSantika Hotels & Resorts we combine local traditions with a natural touch to bring our guests the very best in Indonesian hospitality. At Santika, you can always be sure of a warm welcome. That’s why we call ourselves your “home away from home.

Lombok Arfa Tour suggests you to book your room as far advance specially on the high season period for your convenience visitbecause  Lombokhas a high season period from the beginning of June to end of August and peak season December 15 to January 15, due to room fully booked.