Durasi. Full Day
Lokasi Lombok.Indonesia

By this tour, you will leisurely walk around Mount Rinjani, bringing you up-close with the local communities and Sasak culture, visit a Buddhist temple and school on an island that ispredominantly Muslim and see famous Lombok Waterfalls such as the SendangGile and TuiKelep.


Without any doubt, the craters of Lombok’s Mount Rinjani have a major pull towards customers seeking an adventurous fill of their excursion needs on this tropical island. The immense crater with its lake inside can often be seen from various spots on Lombok. At the base and partially constructed on the slopes of this volcano lies the town of Senaru –the perfect starting point to get acquainted with the fertile surroundings and the folk tales and stories of mystery by the local people.

Leave early in the morning in the direction of Senaru but not without a stop in between. You’ll have plenty to see and do while making this 2-hour journey to town. First, the BaunPusuk is home to hundreds of monkeys, eagerly waiting for your arrival and who are happy to trade you for some quality pictures in return for peanuts or bananas. Although harmful and quite the playing type, caution is advised as these animals are prone to take anything dangling (glasses, purses, shawls and even earrings) for their own possession. Continue and follow the northern coastline to Wihara, a Buddhist monastery at a predominately Muslim enclave. It becomes quite clear that both religions live peacefully on Lombok once you arrive at this center of education and spiritualism. Depending on the day of the week or holiday, one can visit the Buddhist school next to the temple where children are taught the teachings of the Lord Buddha as well as basic English. Gifts such as pens, pencils and notebooks are welcome as the school depends totally on donations and in return, you may walk out knowing some Indonesian words.

Finally, arrive at Senaru village and immediately head for a walk in the Rinjani National Park. Your guide for the afternoon is a local villager who eagerly wants to show you the holistic means of walking through the bamboo groves, various irrigation systems and plantations. The view will be one that simply is of indescribable beauty so keep your camera close and snap away. This leisurely trek moves deeper into the rainforest and will end at the famous local waterfalls of SendangGile and TuiKelep. Matching perfectly with the surroundings, a locally prepared Senaru lunch will be served at a local restaurant before your arrival at the final part of this wonderful day. Continue to follow the base of Mount Rinjani and the nearby local settlement of SembalunLawang and Bumbunglies the tranquil Sembalun Valley, connected to the eastern slopes of the volcano. Authentic Sasak tribes still call this home and have continued to honor the traditions of their ancestors up until today. Filled with impressions and new experiences, head back for your long drive to your hotel where you should arrive at around 18:00.


  • Private tours and transfers with driver and English-speaking guide from selective beaches and regions only (Senggigi&Mataram only)
  • Lunch at local restaurant (food only)
  • All entrance fees an
  • d activities, where applicable
  • All taxes and service fees

Not Included

  • Other entrance fees and expenses such as meals (breakfast and/ or dinner) drinks, tips and shopping, unless otherwise stated
  • Hotel accommodation in Lombok
  • Supplements for transfers other than Senggigi and Mataram
  • Supplements apply also for customers staying at properties such as Oberoi Lombok, Novotel Lombok, Tugu Hotel Lombok, from arriving and departing from any harbor on the island and/or Lombok International Airport
  • Tips and gratuities



This tour is only operated on private basis with English-speaking guide. For this full-day tour, you are advised to wear comfortable shoes and light clothing, suitable for tropical climates. Bring sun cream with a high SPF factor, sunglasses and hat/ cap as it can be hot during the day time is strongly recommended.