The east of Lombok is still an undiscovered and off the beaten track part of the island. Some Gili islands that belong to the most unknown around Lombok: Gili Kondo, GiliBidara, GiliKapal and GiliLampu.The islets are the paradise without much tourism on Lombok. These islands have nice snorkeling spots with colorful alive corals and fish. In particular, GiliKapal is the tiniest island consisting of sand and the highlight of island hopping tour!The way to the east of Lombok itself has already two interesting sights: a beautiful panorama view at the mountain scenery and the volcano Mount Rinjani and the Giant Tree Forest before the harbor.

GiliLampu (GiliPetagan)

Usually the first stop of this island hopping tour is the mangrove islandGiliPetagan. Here is our first snorkeling highlight with many corals and fish, including Nemos. In high tide we enter the island, taking a bath around. In low tide, it is impossible for us to travel around the island.

GiliKapal (GiliGosong)

Second stop is the tiny island GiliKapal – which is actually only a big sandbar where you can reach the other end within a few seconds. That is why sometimes it’s called GiliGosong. In Indonesian Gosong means ‘sandbar’. Depending on whether it’s high or low tide, it can happen that the island is hardly accessible because it’s almost completely under water. Then it gets the name GiliKosong. This is a funny Indonesian wordplay since kosong means ‘empty/vacant’.

It’s the best for us to visit GiliKapal during a low tide. During this time the water is so flat, that you can walk very far in the crystal clear water at the east side and have a view at Sumbawaisland. The other side is still good for swimming and snorkeling. This impresses the visitor even when there’s actually nothing to see. But the water is certainly the cleanest seen on Lombok and the other Gili islands – in a few places you have a South Sea or Maldives feeling!And if you’re lucky, you can even have the sandbank island completely for yourself. Namely, when there are no other tourists at the moment. A total Robinson Crusoe feeling. Awesome!On the island there is no shadow at all and in the blazing sun you ought to be careful! Don’t forget your head covering and sun protection.


After a relaxed stay on GiliKapal, the next station was GiliBidara. It is significantly larger and has a small jetty. The jetty is currently broken and isn’t really good for the nice beach atmosphere. Nevertheless, in front of this pier, there is a wonderful snorkeling spot with many corals and fish Nemo and other fish type. GiliBidara is uninhabited and very quiet. You can even take a relaxed walk around the island.

Gili Kondo


Gili Kondo is the most known and popular Gili island here in the east. You should say it’s something like the GiliTrawangan of East Lombok. Especially locals like to come to Gili Kondo since it’s a popular camping island. At the main beach you can find some places to sit (so-called Berugaks) and also a small shop selling snacks, “Pop Mie” and drinks. Here you can perfectly snorkel and see many corals. Unfortunately, Corals are still alive and just beautiful. For the sake of the nature, please be careful when you snorkel here.


This tour is recommended to everybody! Especially the tiny island GiliKapal is a special highlight, that you won’t find anywhere else on Lombok. But also the other islands are worth to be seen, especially when it comes to snorkeling!


IDR 1000.000 for one person with one car and boat.

IDR 1.500.000for two people with one car and boat.

IDR 2.100.000 for three people with one  car and boat

IDR 2.500.000 for 4 people with one car and boat

IDR 3.000.000 for 5 people with one and boat



Pick up at your hotel or airport

Giant Tree Tour

Cruise to Patagan, Kapal, Bidara and Kond

Snorkeling, swimming, sun-bathing, walking around and hoping the island.

Lunch and Beverage at Restaurant Bidara

Back to Your hotel



Hotel, air ticket, personal expense



If guests want hotels or cottagesto overnight in east Lombok, we can provide them with various prices.